Extreme Tipster: Swallow Film and Hope for the Best

2013-11-05 5

While it may sound like something done out of a foolish dare, these swallowed and digested films look interesting at the very least!

Photo by Luke Evans

Want to try something new and completely off-center? Why don’t you give this little project by Luke Evans and Josh Lake a go? The two Graphic Design & Photography students at Kingston University come up with this brilliant-slash-insane idea.

So they each swallowed a few 35mm film slides and let their body do the work. They had the arduous task “retrieving” the slides in the dark as to not expose it. They fixed the silver then scanned the pieces using an electron microscope. Quite an interesting albeit extreme tipster, eh? Who’s brave enough to try it?

Information for this article was sourced from Creative Review

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  1. ohlordy
    ohlordy ·

    Holy shit!

  2. patsnaps
    patsnaps ·

    crazy shit. amazing results though... but i don't think i'll ever be this extreme. :))

  3. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    lol that's just insane and brilliant!

  4. jourdanlynch
    jourdanlynch ·

    This is awesome... but swallowing a film slide?... how?... cut them into pill sized squares?... I cant imagine it being very easy to swallow a full 35mm frame... not to mention retrieving it, ouch...

  5. nadinadu
    nadinadu ·

    wowza. i love the outcome, but swalling it? oh lord....

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