Large Format Skydiving Photos With a 4x5 Helmet Cam


Most people would be content in using a point & shoot or a digital camera while skydiving, but artist Aaron Gustafson ups the ante in this performance!

Photo by Aaron Gustafson

Using a large format 4×5 camera usually entails tons of preparation – propping up your tripod, prepping your film sheets, making sure you’ve got the exposure spot on, and hiding under a dark cloth. Skydiving also requires a similar amount of preparation but artist Aaron Gustafson threw all these notions out of the window by attaching a 4×5 camera on his helmet and skydiving. What follows are gorgeous, once-in-a-lifetime shots that we can only drool over. View the whole set of images in Aaron Gustafson's website

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written by cruzron on 2013-11-05 #lifestyle #analogue #large-format #extreme #4x5 #skydive

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