Snippets and Vignettes: A Dancing, Skateboarding Skeleton Brought to Life by Light Painting

2013-11-05 2

Exploring the different areas of photography is a fun experience to say the least. Photographer and light painter Darren Pearson takes light painting to a new level with skateboards and an amazing style to boot.

Picasso did it. Photographers in the community had great times with it. Darren Pearson however, does it with impeccable style. This Polaroid print from one of Pearson’s light painting sessions is a running contender for this year’s Halloween celebrations. His reaper looks totally laid back, far from the popular image he is portrayed with. Just look at how he seems to pet his skeleton dog, how cute.

Photo by Darren Pearson

Light painting is a marvel to look at and photographer Darren Pearson made it more fun for light painting enthusiasts who look at his art. His digital short “Light Goes On” is a fitting tribute to this area of photography. Its dynamic take on the usual light paintings give a new perspective to fun with light paintings.

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His dancing, running and skateboarding pal just plainly amazes with its quirky antics and peek-a-boo style. The video made by Pearson is short and sweet, hitting just the right spots for a quick but awesome take on light painting photography. See more of his works here as well as his light painting skeleton gifs.
Video by Darren Pearson via YouTube

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    Pretty amazing!

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    this is so frikkin' cool!

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