David Bowie Plays Ping-Pong in a Shiny Kimono and Large Sunglasses


Eclectic rock star David Bowie’s costume looks more fitting at a fun, rowdy party!

Photo via Retronaut

This photograph of Bowie was taken in 1973; unfortunately, that’s all we know about it. 1973 was the year when Bowie retired his famous, flamboyant alter ego Ziggy Stardust through a concert held at the Hammersmith Odeon Theatre in London on July 3. Together with his band, Bowie as Ziggy performed a total of 18 songs before a massive crowd. This event is apparently dubbed by many as the “Retirement Gig.”

Anyway, here are a couple more photos of Bowie playing ping pong!

Photos via Retronaut

All information in this article were sourced from Retronaut and Ultimate Classic Rock.

Further reading: The Ziggy Stardust story.

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