Chill Through the Window


I’m not a big fan of autumn and I love it when winter finally comes. You know that feeling when you go outside and you can literally smell winter is coming and that snow is near – well, I live for those moments.

As you might guessed winter is my favourite season. Since I was a little kid I loved snow and everything winter has to offer. Everything is just so peaceful and beautiful and perfect. Some people turn grumpy in wintertime but I’m so much happier. Darkness and lack of sunshine or daylight just can’t bring me down.

Credits: lomofrue

But even though I love being outside even when it’s freezing (just give me snow and I can deal with anything in this world) I love that moment every morning when you wake up, get up and look through the window. You know when your sleep is over, when your room is cold and you love being under that blanket of yours. And when you get up that cold gets to you and you wake in a second. Then, you look though the window and you see it’s even colder outside and you love it that you’re inside, that you have time to make coffee or hot cocoa and that you have a whole beautiful day in front of you. The best feeling in this world!

Credits: lomofrue

Do you know this feeling? You’re welcome to share your photos.

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