Monday Moodboard: It's a Paw-some Life with a Cat

2013-11-04 4

As a happy cat owner for years, I can attest that life with a furry friend is hardly boring and a little bit more bearable. When I came across a photo story and book by Miyoko Ihara about her grandmother Misao and her cat Fukumaru, I couldn’t help but say “awwww!”

Since 2002, Miyoko Ihara has been taking photos of her 88-year-old grandmother Misao, documenting her daily life and activities. Years later, her grandmother found a white cat with bi-colored eyes and called him Fukumaru. They have been inseparable ever since, and Miyoko’s day-to-day snapshots of the elderly lady and her steadfast feline companion prove the special bond between them.

I've been sharing my life with an affectionate (and often possessive) purr-rific feline myself but I am yet to have such heart-warming photos with him as Misao and Fukumaru the Cat have:

Photos via Koi Koi Koi

Need I say more?

Miyoko has turned her heartwarming photo series into a book, which I’m sure many cat lovers and pet owners will definitely enjoy looking at!

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