The Best of the LomoKino: November Call-Out!

2013-11-04 10

Lights! Camera! Action! Are you ready for the next LomoKino mini-showcase, guys? Then submit your favorite LomoKino movies for a shot at fame and 10 Piggy Points!

Every month since September, we’ve been making cool compilation videos out of your awesome LomoKino movies. If you have any fresh mini-movies that you’re proud of, don’t be shy and share it for everyone to see. Lomographers whose works get chosen will be awarded with 10 Piggies.

The mechanics

  1. Please make sure the Vimeo settings on your work allows us to download your movie.
  2. Post the link to your movie in the comments section of this post.
  3. All videos that gets featured in the LomoKino montage will get 10 Piggy Points.

Watch last month’s Best of the LomoKino right here!

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