My Autumn Recipe: Elderberry Jam


When the days get shorter, when the wind blows outside, and when the foliage is so colorful, it really is the most beautiful season of all. Let me share with you a recipe that is perfect for the autumn season.

If you didn’t know yet, autumn is directly followed by winter. The cold weather is unbearable. Outside, the wind blows the leaves of trees, but indoors, it’s always comfortable. In early October, I went to pick elderberries. Homemade jelly from these black berries, which almost look like caviar, is really very delicious!

Picking is should be done relatively quickly, unless you don’t have the finest berries yet to serve. Plucking them off the stems is a bit cumbersome. With a fork, you can detach the berries from the stems. Now, pour the juice of a lemon and a little water on the elderberries in the pot and bring it to a boil. Afterwards, pour everything on a fine sieve (over a second pot) and press the soft-boiled berries.

Then, press the fruit pulp through the sieve, so the core remains on the grid and you get some juice. This is mixed with jam sugar (I always mix in the ratio 1:1, but there are also other recipes with less sugar in the finished jam) and cook the whole thing according to instructions. In my case, I had to cook it for three minutes. The final jelly is poured onto clean jars which you close immediately when they are full. There will be some leftovers which will not fit into the jars. This tastes best if you eat it immediately with freshly-baked bread or bun. Yummy!

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