Monday Moodboard: Back to the Old Grind


We’ve recently come from a three-day “long” weekend here in Manila due to two consecutive non-working holidays to commemorate All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days, and I honestly still have a bit of non-alcohol-induced hangover from Halloween and the last weekend. Hence, the topic of this article.

Would it be weird if I tell you that sometimes, the creepy and the strange inspire me? My fascination with the horror genre most likely plays a huge part in this but, in any case, for example: I’ve once been motivated to churn out a 300+-word piece as a writing practice after stumbling upon this photo on Flickr. Unfortunately, though, I haven’t had the guts to let anyone, even my best friend, read it yet because they might find it too weird for their liking. My tolerance for this kind of thing has always been greater than most of the people I personally know, you see.

Below is a three-minute short film by Jennifer Gerber titled “Capture”. A finalist in the short film festival _Tropfest New York 2013_ held last June, I was able to watch “Capture” again just last week. I’m subscribed to Tropfest’s YouTube account, and it was through an update some months back that I was able to discover this film.

The summary for “Capture” goes, “A young man discovers a whole new world through an abandoned camera that he finds on the Brooklyn Bridge.” It might sound boring on print, but trust me, it’s very interesting! Video via Tropfest on YouTube

The first time I saw “Capture” (and everytime I do, really), I had one of those “Wish I’d thought of that!” moments. To deliver a story whether through film or the written word in the shortest time/length possible has been a frustration of mine for as long as I can remember, and Gerber was able to do it brilliantly. I could only watch in envy and hope that I’d be able to come up with something as good someday!

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