Fun Times and Unforgettable Moments with my Sprocket Rocket


These Kodak moments were recorded with a Sprocket Rocket and, of course, a roll of Kodak! They are always going to be there and I wish my friends and I could catch up soon so we’ll have a new album of fun times and unforgettable moments.

I don’t remember the exact date when these pictures were taken, but it was around one or two years ago. All of us just started college and some who went overseas were back for their summer/winter break, so out we went to a local bar. I just kept taking pictures with the Sprocket Rocket because it was my first time using it, and I have to say that I am never going to leave it home the next time I meet them (if there is a next time).

Sadly, we all seemed to have lost contact with one another. But every time I look at these pictures, they never fail to bring a smile on my face as they remind me of that night. The laughter, the loud chit-chatting, the drinks we had, the lit cigarette on my friend’s mouth, the dumb things that another friend had done that made all of us laugh – all were exposed on this particular roll of film with this special camera.

These memories will stay with me until I have Alzheimer’s disease… okay that was a joke. But I’m serious; the feeling I felt that night will stay with me forever, and thanks to the invention of cameras, these pictures are also going to stay posted here.

Well, I guess I have written enough. Please, do enjoy the pictures:

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