Take a Drive in a Cult Classic Car: Iconic Cars in Pop Culture as Illustrated by Nicolas Bannister


Are you a car nut? Or just a fan of all things pop culture? Well, you’ll be both after seeing these famous cars seen on the big screen by French illustrator Nicolas Bannister! See his take on the four-wheeled icons after the jump.

Go on a trip with French illustrator Nicolas Bannister as he gives you a ride on his creatively done illustrations of famous cars in pop culture. Bannister’s take on the famous cars look like advertisements for the beloved vehicles in pop culture if they were up for mass production. The cult classic cars are pieces of art recreated in a loving fashion.

Illustrations by Nicolas Bannister via What An Art

Featuring the famous cars from movies like Jurassic Park, Kill Bill, Back to the Future and the hit TV series Breaking Bad, the French artist gives us a look back into the pop culture references we loved and geeked about in the not so distant past. See if you can identify all the iconic cars in his series and give yourself a pop quiz on pop culture!

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Nicolas Bannister's Facebook and What An Art.

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