Life, Death and Everything in Between: Joseph Sattler's Modern Dance of Death


It’s the season for all things spooky and macabre this month of November and we can’t pass up on these amazingly detailed works of art showcasing mortality and all things in between. See more death-defying artworks after the cut.

Bones, death and dark dancing figures – that’s the main focus of the art by German artist Joseph Sattler (1867–1931) featured in his book “A Modern Dance of Death.” This portfolio puts the dead in the spotlight with a creative interpretation and a stylistic signature by the artist.

Illustrations by Joseph Sattler via 50 Watts

Considered as one pioneer of art nouveau, Sattler explores the realm after death with his intricate drawings and illustrations circling mortality and what seems to be life after the death of the human body. His skillfully illustrated skeletons bounce to life in a style that made art nouveau a popular artform in the early 20th century. Sattler’s fine curved lines give motion to the otherwise stiff images of skeletons and skulls parading in their new found life.

The series is a perfect fit for Halloween and the 1912 Berlin edition of his works breathe life to images with a surreal feel and aesthetic sensibilities. Sattler’s creative take on a chilling subject matter give out an artistic vibe to the stark and grim facets of the balance of life and death.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from 50 Watts, Juxtapoz and Wikipedia.

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