Wendenstrasse Fest

It’s a legend. And the legend is where I live – the Wendenstrassen-Fest!

It’s a legend. And the legend is where I live – the Wendenstrassen-Fest!
I live in a two-house-complex in the middle of an industrial and office-area. Nobody is living there but us. And not everyone is pleased to live in a former sausage-factory!

It’s a requirement to be an artist to get a place in these lofts and meanwhile it is a strong creative collective, who is organizing the Wendenstrassen-fest every August, which is more like a two day non-stop festival with programme from dusk till dawn. All 6 floors are open in the two houses and hold whether dance-floors or have some other activities in the store. And the word is spreading like a monster. There have been around 2500 (sic!) people at the fiesta last year and the year before it was the same.

You can barely pass people in the stairways, which are full of graffiti, because there are just so many people. I think what attracts them is the underground-feeling and the drop-dead-cool location. The idea that you are basically partying in the living room of real people, who themselves live in a former slaughter-house really lifts the fantasy of the crowd. But the cheap beer has also an impact, I am sure.

In the yard there is another stage, which is open until the sun is coming up the next day and even then there is no end in sight. The djs are a mix of professional and amateurs and the change every hour, it’s quite too much house, which seems to be running well in Hamburg but makes it impossible to sleep, but who does anyway.

But there is something to be seen and to be done as well. On one floor you can do screen prints on your shirts and in one there are exhibitions. Another one is like a Zoo. The fellow has a business with all kinds of exotic animals, like huge African insects, snakes, spiders and basically everything that freaks you out. You get kebab in the yard and you can play table-tennis on the sixth floor. And last year we had a salon du thé in our floor with quiche and the whole feel-good-vibe. It’s astonishing. One little newsletter or announcement and the whole city seems to know only this one event. Last time they announced it even on the radio. But this all is only possible because the collective builds, creates and manages all the sites that are new every year. You got to deliver something according to your fame…

  • When: Third week of August


written by wil6ka on 2008-04-27 #places #art #culture #salon #office #location

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