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2013-11-07 1

You may have treasure in your attic. The kind of treasure that I am talking about can be exposed, processed, and developed. Finding old film is a great experience.

One of my favorite things about film photography is how it has lasted over the years. One generation can pass the tradition to another. Unfortunately, so many memories are lost when a person shoots a roll of film and never has it developed. On my film photography journey I have encountered a few opportunities to uncover some of those lost and forgotten film memories from the past.

A family member of mine recently found a few rolls of 110mm film in the attic of my great -great-grandmother. They were in pretty rough condition and I was more than certain that dust had made its way down into the tiny compartments on the 110 mm film canisters, but I decided to send them off for development anyway. After all, if any of the photos turned out at all then it would’ve been worth it!

Luckily, 90 photos were taken and developed! I was shocked at the quality, they still looked pretty great, especially considering their age and condition. Even though I wasn’t there to experience those moments, I knew I was viewing some pretty special photos.

Even though I don’t know the people in lots of those photos, it’s cool to see what my relatives say so many years ago. If you ever find old rolls of exposed film, don’t hesitate, have them developed!

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