Woolscape: A Story Told With Photographs and a Wool String


We all have a specific subject that we just can’t seem to get enough shooting pictures of. For photographer Clement Darrasse, it’s the places he goes to with his wife that has a special place in his prints. But wait, did we mention that he uses a wool string to take the pictures?

Photographer Clément Darrasse and his Woolscape series of photographs have a simple thing in mind: take pictures of the places they’ve been and capture the story in the prints. His simple self-portrait with his wife started by doing a different take on the usual self-portrait by employing the help of a wool string as a shutter trigger for his 4×5 camera.

Photos by Clément Darrasse via his site

The bulk of his camera can prove to be cumbersome to others but Darrasse made sure that it didn’t hinder him and his wife to take their self-portraits. Out of things to use as a trigger shutter, Darrasse noticed a wool reel in his wife’s bag after a photography workshop and improvised. The rest of their story can be seen on their photographs with that trailing piece of wool in the foreground leading to Darrasse’s hand.

The idea may be simple but it’s quirky enough to show the crafty improvisation that this photographer came up with to use his film camera. Who would have known that a simple item like a wool string can show action and movement in an otherwise plain self-portrait?

All information used in this article were sourced from Film's Not Dead.

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