The Hotel Haunting: Eerie yet stirring photographs by Brittany Markert


It comes as not much of a surprise when a statuesque fashion model decides to venture into photography. Getting exposed to the glamour and all those cameras, strobes and flashes can easily pique one’s interest. But when she chooses to shoot more than dolled up, couture-clad goddesses, it’s a different story altogether, and in this case, a rather unnerving one.

Photo by Brittany Markert

It’s interesting to know that Brittany Markert is—-apart from being a professional model and a contender for Cycle 13 of America’s Next Top Model —-a wildly imaginative film photographer. Despite the digital technology that she has rendezvoused with while posing in front of the camera, Brittany shoots on film, and ingeniously so.

Photos by Brittany Markert

The twenty-something model-cum-photographer has published a book entitled “The Hotel Haunting.” It is, as her website describes, “a 96-page photographic narrative about a young woman that traveled to a desolate hotel to summon the spirits of the deceased.” Based on this description, even without seeing the pictures just yet, you know that you’re in store for something out of this world, and evocative of the Netherworld.

Photos by Brittany Markert

Below is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “The Hotel Haunting.”

Produced by Brittany Markert. Clothing provided by Thrifted and Modern. Music | Tempelhof by Julia Kent

To order the book, click on this link.

More of Brittany’s work can be found on her website and her Flickr account.

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