Flowers, Coffee Cups and Playful Lights: Warm and Cozy Film Photographs by Junghyun Choi


Sharp, clear and amazingly dainty: these are few of the characteristics that Junghyun Choi brings to the table with her crisp film photographs. See more of her shots after the jump.

It’s like looking at an advertisement for flower arrangements, fine porcelain and a warm and cozy place to get a good cup of brew but actually it’s the daily view of photographer Junghyun Choi beautifully captured on film. The Korean photographer infuses her love for photography with other interests.

Running her own café in Jeonju, Choi captures lovely bokehs and dolls up her shots with flowers, dainty coffee and tea cups for that soothing effect that she so easily does. Her calm way of putting seemingly normal things together gives out a light mood to her images. Everything just feels calm and collected.

Photos by Junghyun Choi via her Flickr photostream

Choi shoots with a variety of cameras like the Hasselblad, Nikon and Pentacon but she originally started taking pictures with her Lomo LC-A and she couldn’t get enough of taking pictures ever since.

Her natural composition, dainty approach to photography and sharp images make for a wonderful ensemble on film. See more of her photos on her Flickr photostream and let yourself get whisked away by the warm touch from flowers, light and a cozy café feel.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Junghyun Choi's Flickr photostream and D Photo.

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