Nice Place at Guintubdan!


La Carlota is a really nice place to go. In the center of it, you will be able to experience one of nature’s best mountain ever, the Guintubdan!

Guintubdan is located in the mountainous area of La Carlota City in Negros Occidental. The place is quite relaxing since it has been commercialized for 3 years now. You can either visit the waterfalls and go to the viewing dock to watch some scenery. It is really a great place. From La Carlota City itself, it takes around an hour to get there.

The spots and beautiful scenes in the mountainside is a nice place to have kwentuhan, relaxation and chill.

How we discovered the place was unexpected. Me and my friends are busy hanging out and road tripping, and we finally realize we were in La Carlota City. We hanged out in the plaza for awhile until one of this street kid asked us if we are going to Guintubdan. We were quite skeptic about it at first and thinking we were aswanged by the kid.

Luckily, he called out some friends and gave us an idea how to get there. It only takes a car to climb up the mountainside and upon reaching the place, you have to walk around 200 meters to reach the viewing dock. The kid went together with us since he lived near there.

Guintubdan is a nice place to go, really! :-)

written by ethermoon on 2010-02-27 #places #philippines #location #guintubdan #la-carlota-city

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    The first and the last are particularly stunning !

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