Beginning Street Photography


Starting to shoot street photography still sounds like a daunting task but we have a couple of tips from Picture Correct to help you get started!

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It’s always scary to dive in to something new and unfamiliar but you don’t have to do it alone! As far as street photography is concerned, there’s lots of literature already giving tips on how to go about it and approaching your subjects. The guys over at Picture Correct recently published their small list of things you need to know to get started. Here they are!

1. Preparation – Never be caught off guard because that’s a sure fire way to miss a shot. Always be on the lookout and frame the image in your head beforehand.

2. Focusing – shallow depth of field and bokeh shots have a time and a place. Most of the time, street photography isn’t the best place to use your lens wide open. You want as much detail in focus as you can so try to go f/8 onwards.

3. Subjects – Respect is the name of the game. If they aren’t keen on being photographed, say your apologies and move on.

4. Mono or Color – Street shots are great on black & white but having color to show stark contrast in color leads to very interesting images.

5. Equipment – The best thing about Lomo cameras in shooting street is that they are small and unobtrusive. There’s nothing that sours the mood of a shot more than a gigantic lens.

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