Astronaut Don Pettit and his Massive Camera Collection on the ISS

2013-10-30 1

When you’re given the task to photograph and chronicle your team’s travels in space, you have to be prepared and bring all the gear you would conceivably need and that’s what astronaut Don Pettit did!

Photo from On Orbit

When you’re in space, you need to be prepared for anything, as you can’t go home and fetch something you forgot. That’s why astronaut Don Pettit has this massive collection of sorts of photography gear up in the International Space Station. While sadly I don’t see any film cameras up there, it’s interesting and share a share nonetheless. This sounds like the ultimate dream job, no?

Maybe we should send them a plastic camera and see what they can come up with!

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Lucky man... I always thought you could only bring a limited amount of stuff with you in space. I was obviously wrong : )

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