LomoAmigo The Colourist on the road with La Sardina and the LC-A+


The Colourist band has just arrived in Austin after a exhaustive tour with The Naked and Famous. After 22 shows and 30 days on the road we talked with Maya Tuttle (drums and vocals) and this is how she feels (for her at least) about going on a rock tour.

Hi guys! Tell us a little bit about the band and how do you describe your music?

There’s four of us: Adam, Maya, Justin, Kollin. We met here in Southern California — and people say our music reflects that geographic influence. We’ve been called “indie-pop” before… but I think that’s an oxymoron. We usually go with majestic jungle rock.

You just finished a huge and exhaustive tour around the country, how was this experience?

Incredible. We toured with one of our favorite bands, The Naked and Famous — who are not only put on a killer show, but they’re amazing human beings as well. We played 22 shows within 30 days, so we were definitely exhausted, but we had the privilege of meeting with / playing for so many new people that we were glowing the entire time.

How was your Lomographic experience shooting with the Lomo LC-A+ an Sardina Cameras?

Really fun. There’s such a unique, almost visceral aspect to taking photos with the Lomo. We had an ongoing joke: “This is a Lomo moment!” Someone would yell “Lomo” and we’d scramble for the camera to take a picture. It’s hard to describe, but you still feel in-the-moment when shooting with a real camera. There’s a disconnection and preoccupation that sometimes comes with shooting on your phone or digital camera. You keep checking your photos and are never satisfied. With the Lomo, you shoot it and click, you’re done. Back in the moment.

What’s one of your favorite shots from the tour?

Any of the shots that were captured out the window of the van. That was most of tour for us: just enjoying the scenery. Also, we love any of the group photos because those are rare!

How does it feel to have fans all around the country following your tour and taking pictures of you?

It’s surreal. We went from practicing in an empty building to playing in front of thousands of people. Pretty scary, actually! But everyone has been so lovely. Honestly, the people watching the show get the most amazing shots. We rarely get to see ourselves on stage, so it’s a trip to see the photos people take and share of us.

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had as a band?

We played Tucson, Arizona at the beginning of the tour and it was Adam’s birthday. Our soundwoman Melanie surprised Adam with a birthday cupcake as we walked on stage! Before we even played a note, the entire Rialto Theater — about a thousand people — joined us in singing “Happy Birthday” to Adam.

If you could be the photographer of one of your shows, what would your approach be?

I’d try to cover as many angles as possible. Wides from the back, up close and personal, shots of the people in the crowd, etc.

  • What was the craziest place you played on the tour?*

The Trocadero in Philadelphia. It’s a former burlesque theater that’s been open since around 1870. You can feel the history when you step into that place. The crew took us underneath the venue and showed us this strange catacomb area where some dancers were supposedly buried. Very haunted. Very cool.

  • Now that the tour is over what comes next for the band?*

We’re looking forward to releasing an album next year and expect to spent most of 2014 on the road.

  • What advice would you give to aspiring young musicians?*

Work hard. Write as often as you can. Say yes to everything you feel comfortable doing. And (cliche, but so so so so so important), be yourself — and radiate yourself through your music.

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