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Introduced in 1993, the Yashica T4 Super was the last model of the T series of compacts made by Kyocera for Yashica. Read on to find out what makes this beauty still a popular option for compact camera fans many years later!

The Yashica T4 Super, also known as T4 Super D, T5, and Kyocera T Proof), was the last model in the T series of 35mm compact cameras manufactured by Kyocera Corporation for Yashica. Like the Contax RTS series of 35mm SLR cameras, Yashica’s T series was a product of the partnership between Kyocera and Carl Zeiss AG. Thus, the T4 Super and all the models before it were equipped with impressive Carl Zeiss lenses.

Aside from its Carl Zeiss Tessar 35mm f/3.5 lens, the auto-exposure and auto-focus T4 Super also had a waist-level viewfinder called “super scope” beside the LCD display on its top plate.

Photos via Vintage Camera Lab

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: 35mm lens shutter auto focus AE camera with built-in flash
  • Picture Size: 24 × 36mm
  • Lens: Carl Zeiss Tessar T* 35mm F3.5 (4 elements in 3 groups)
  • Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter
  • Exposure control: Programmed AE
  • Metering range: Auto-flash mode and red-eye reduction auto flash mode: EV 9.5 (F3.5, 1/60 sec) – EV 17 (F15.5, 1/700 sec); Flash-IN mode, Flash-OFF mode, Landscape Mode: 3.5 (F3.5, 1 second) – EV 17 (F15.5, 1/700 sec).
  • Metering system: External metering system with dual SPD element and automatic backlight compensation
  • Film speed: Automatic setting (DX method), Linked in range ISO 50 – ISO 3200 (for each step), Automatically set to ISO 100 with DX films outside ISO 50 – 3200 range, and non-DX films
  • Focusing system: Infrared active multi-autofocus system (with focus lock mechanism)
  • Shooting distance: About 0.35 m – infinity
  • Viewfinder: Real image viewfinder, with Super scope
  • Viewfinder display: In viewfinder focusing frame, picture area frame, close-range picture area frame.
  • Eyepiece indicators: Focusing indicator (green LED), flash/camera shake indicator (red LED)
  • Super scope: Center set up marks
  • Display panel: Exposure counter/self-timer remaining time display; picture-taking mode marks (auto-flash mode with red-eye reduction auto-flash mode; Flash-IN mode; Flash-OFF mode, Landscape mode); battery warning mark
  • Film loading: Automatic loading mechanism (with automatic winding to frame “1” position)
  • Film advance: Auto-winding mechanism
  • Film rewinding: Auto-return/auto-stop mechanism; also mid-roll rewinding possible
  • Exposure counter: Incrementing type LCD with automatic reset

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