Midweek Music Video: Sabotage by Beastie Boys


Know what makes a cool music video? Let the Beastie Boys show you the ropes with the retro mix of 80s moustaches, aviator glasses and all out crime fighting action with the video for Sabotage.

The Beastie Boys is all about the mix of everything crazy creative. Spitting out rhymes and coming up with beats that can make any respectable MC look bad, the fun loving and apparently crime busting group channels their early hardcore punk rock sensibilities in their mixed repertoire of musical styles.

Photos via Stereotude, Silent Sanctum blog

Busting out their signature Beastie Boys beats and lyrics, “Sabotage” goes all out banging with the intro and the belting vocals. With a retro theme and effects to match, the video is reminiscent of early 80s action series with all the cops and robbers scenes. The Beastie Boys are seen doing all the running and cop work, donning the slick getup of T.V. detectives with awesome facial hair, cool guy glasses and the swagger to match.

Everything is done in classic parody but still makes an awesome music video for the vintage lover. Watch on to see just what we mean.

Video via YouTube

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