LomoChrome Purple Moments Made More Special


Lomography is always surprising. Just the way you look at the world and everything in it changes and you’re given a new breath of life in your outlook. See more of what we mean with this series of beautiful LomoChrome Purple moments.

We never get tired of good shots to look at. Maybe it’s because we all appreciate what goes into our photographs – composition, thought, feeling, emotion and so much more. We shoot the different moments in our lives and who knew that they’d look extra special in purple?

The LomoChrome Purple brings out the extraordinary in your everyday moments. Getting those rolls developed and seeing those photographs for the first time will do more than just surprise you. Look at these amazing LomoChrome moments from our community members and see what we mean. These are moments captured in eye-popping fashion and unapologetic purple goodness. Purple tones and the saturated and surprising color rendition can turn those photo moments into memorable Lomographic treasures. Shoot with any compatible camera and just make those moments last in purple.

Credits: poepel, lgeorge, pam-stach, waggrad00, fotobes, aldaer, undiscovered, lomonina, triky76, istionojr, dop, mafiosa, badjuju & roxyvonschlotterstein

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written by cheeo on 2013-10-30 #lifestyle #purple #analogue-photography #moments #lomochrome #lomochrome-purple

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