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This Month’s Requests


While we are no longer accepting submissions for News articles, we still want your tips! Tips are considered articles where Lomography or analogue photography are featured. Shoot us an e-mail at, and you will be credited for every approved/published tip!

Analogue Lifestyle

Thanksgiving Diaries: How do you celebrate Thanksgiving on your side of the world? Share with us your preparations, traditions, and photos of your delicious dinner!

Anniversary Memories: Since anniversaries are among the most important occasions that we all celebrate, why don’t we devote this month to sharing some of our best anniversary memories? Don’t limit yourself to birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and such — the more creative, quirky, and unique the anniversaries that you tell us about, the better!

Winter Landscapes: As the year end inches closer, so does the chilly weather that makes us go brrr! However, let’s admit it, winter can be quite scenic too! There can’t be a better time to start showcasing those winter snaps, whether you’re sipping hot coco or skiing down the slopes, so better get your best winter landscape galleries ready for some show-and-tell this month!

Picture This: Chill: For this month’s Picture This challenge, we’d like to see some photos you’ve taken that represent everything chilly for you. With autumn in its last leg and winter just around the corner, show and tell us how the steady shift to cooler weather brings about some changes around you!

Celebrating Your Lomographic Milestones: Lomography will be capping the celebrations for its 20th birthday this month, so we’d like to learn about your own milestones and achievements throughout your lomography journey! Tell us about them through your fun stories and outstanding lomographs so we can celebrate with you!

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Winter Destinations: Got a favorite winter destination? In preparation for the colder weather that lies ahead, why don’t you tell us about those winter wonderlands where your fellow lomographers can also head to revel in the view of snow-capped landscapes or engage in some winter activities?

Cool Escapes: While the northern hemisphere anticipates the coming of winter by the year-end, other parts of the world are basking — or maybe even baking, we dare say — in temperate climate all year-round. If you’re currently somewhere warm and sunny, we’d like to know, where in your country or part of the world do you go to cool down and escape the heat?

View from Vienna: Guten Tag from the LSI HQ! Feel free to generously share your photos of this picturesque city, which is rich in culture, history, and of course, Lomo love.

Spooky Spots: We’re inclined to believe that every city has a spooky spot or two — places that reek of everything eerie and supernatural. Surely, there must be some amongst us who are brave enough to walk through and snap around these abandoned buildings and houses, ruins, ghost towns, and creepy cemeteries…right? We’re itching to be spooked by your photos and stories!

Night Markets: Does your city have a night market or two where you can dine and shop after work and away from the crowd? Then, tell us about them so we can also enjoy the night market experience!

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Winter Photography Tips: We all know that the winter sceneries and snow-capped landscapes all require a different photographic approach. If you have some tips and tricks for ensure great snaps during the snow season, we’d like to learn about them!

Winter Sports Photography Tips: Aside from landscapes and street or travel snaps, winter sports are also make great photo opportunities during the chilly season. Got some tips or tricks for getting some great and well-timed winter sport photos? Go on and share them with us!

Taking Care of Your Photography Gear During Winter: Ensuring gear protection and optimum performance is among the preparations one needs to secure when heading to snowy destinations. If you often shoot during the winter season or even in high-altitude spots, why don’t you share some of your valuable tips with us?

Indoor/Low-Light Photography Tips: Low-light conditions and indoor shots (taken inside pubs, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops) can be challenging for any photographer. So, if you’ve mastered taking dramatic snaps without a flash, why don’t you share a trick or two (or more) for those of us who aren’t fans of flash photography and bright studio lighting.

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  • La Sardina DIY Black
  • LC-A+ Russia Day
  • Diana Instant Camera
  • Horizon Perfekt
  • Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP!


  • LomoChrome Purple 35mm and 120
  • Lomography Peacock X-Pro 110
  • Lomography Color Negative 800 35mm
  • Lomography X-Pro Slide 120
  • Fujicolor C200 35mm


  • Diana Premium Glass Lens
  • Diana Accessory Kit
  • DigitaLIZA 110
  • LC-A+ Instant Back
  • Spinner Motorizer

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Regular Contributions

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