“Details” – A Gallery of Images by Senka Music


Here is a gallery of film photographs taken by Senka Music, a Bosnia and Herzegovina based graphic design and photography student and Best Photo of Sarajevo awardee.

If you read our interview with Senka Music, you might be interested to see more of the photos from “Details,” one of her photographic projects.

Don’t expect to see scenic views or emotive portraits in this selection. Senka can definitely capture scenery and whip up emotions through her work, but “Details” covers a different subject: artistic chaos. Looking at the photos, you’ll feel as if the artists who used the materials hurriedly left the scene just seconds before you saw the photos. See for yourself.

Photos by Senka Music

“One project that I am very fond of is an excerpt from a student project ‘Life and Work at The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo’. I finished the project, but the details I captured throughout the building itself attracted my attention later. After all the detail photos were collected, I had a new project simply titled ‘Details’ – something that shows the beauty of artistic chaos, in form of leftovers of other students work.”

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