Beautiful Bird Drawings on Book Pages by Paula Swisher


Instead of throwing away old engineering and science manuals, a Pennsylvania-based artist and designer has been using the pages as canvas for her beautiful drawings and sketches of colorful birds. Read on to find out more and take a look at some of the artworks!

While not everyone finds a use for overly technical books and science manuals, some creative minds like Pennsylvania-based artist and designer Paula Swisher will sometimes think of ways to re-purpose the pages. After all, it’s still paper, and random texts sometimes make nice touches and great textures.

Much like Rome-based artist"== Ekaterina Panikanova":, Paula also paints, draws, and sketches over pages of old books using various materials like ballpoint pens, white-out, colored pencils, and gouache. She has also experimented with cut-outs and thread. As an artist, Paula says she enjoys "straddling the two worlds of the creative and the technical." On her work, she has told "This is Colossal==": :

“I’ve been using scientific imagery and information graphics off and on in my work. I seem to be drawn to the contrived sense of order that they show. In the drawings mentioned, superimposing bird imagery, hopefully, creates a visual metaphor for our attempts to make sense of our experiences.”

Visit Paula Swisher’s Website and Flickr Page to learn more about her and see more of her works!

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