Javier Perez Combines Sketches with Random Objects to Create Simple But Imaginative Art


Web and graphic designer Javier Perez fills his Instagram account not with selfies and random snapshots, but with photos of his quirky work!

Photo via Javier Perez’s Instagram

To create these eye-catching and entertaining drawings, Ecuador-based Perez has taken various little objects such as fruits, pencils, paper clips, pliers, flowers, nails, and clothespins, among many others, and uses them as the highlight of his illustrations.

Here are some more examples of Perez’s work!

Photos via Javier Perez’s Instagram

Some of Perez’s work are also featured on his Bēhance page filed under “Instagram Experiments”. Aside from illustration, he also focuses on animation and art direction.

All information in this article were sourced from Bēhance. You may view more photos from this series on the artist’s Instagram and Bēhance pages. See his profile and other works here and visit his website here.

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