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Lora Zombie is an artist who draws her unbelievable paintings in grunge-art style, takes part in a million projects at the same time, loves her alien pets, and successfully experiments with film. Her sense of color, outstanding view of the world, sometimes shocking images, bright personality, and stunning looks attract fans from different corners of the world. We asked her a few questions, and here are the answers we got.

Photo from Lora Zombie site

Born in Voronezh, Russia and now living in Saint-Petersburg, Lora Zombie was set to become an artist at a very early age. The self-taught painter is now a top seller on the urban art scene and is gaining the attention of the art world at large. In recent years, Lora has been breaking into the gallery scene with exhibitions in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Russia — bringing in the interest of notable collectors and fans worldwide. With a unique commentary on pop culture and keen eye for beauty, her raw trademark style is already unmistakable.

Hi Lora! Thanks for being kind to answer our questions.

What are you focused on now, and what projects do you have for the nearest future?

Hi! My work is in an «ass-is-on-fire-and-hair-blown-back» mode now. My exhibit is coming soon in Canada. I want to expose as many of my best works as possible.

In one interview you said “grunge-art” is the most appropriate name of style you’re working in. The definition of this style, which we liked, sounded like “intuitive impulsive drawing with chaotic direction of color.” Do you agree with this definition? What is it like in reality?

Apparently, everything happens just like that! The word “chaos” is especially appropriate…but the thing is that without harmony you cannot do it, too. The harmony is in colors, which I take from the best and endless source of color solutions: from nature.

How long have you been shooting with film? What was your first experience with film photography like?

Well, I don’t remember exactly in what year it happened. But definitely, it happened during my childhood. I came across a weird point-and-shoot camera. I used to shoot different cats and my own dog. That point-and-shoot became my first analog camera, but I can’t remember what was its name.

One of those first photos made with the first Lora’s point-and-shoot film camera.

What camera is your favorite one now? Do you have a dream camera?

Now, my favorite camera is the LC-Wide. I take it everywhere I go! I also have a dream camera, the Diana Mini 'Love is in the Air' Edition, which I think tells about aesthetic feelings.

Credits: lorazombie

What tips and tricks do you love to use while shooting?

MX Forever!!!

Credits: lorazombie

Why do you shoot in film?

Because everything simply works in a clever way! You don’t have to retouch anything or correct distortions or colors. Film is the best analog photo-editor!

What is film photography for you?

It’s about enjoying every step of the process, and an opportunity to see the beauty in every ordinary object.

Credits: lorazombie

Did Lomography somehow influence your main creation? If yes, what changed?

A desire to draw multiple exposures came about, but it turned out to be not so easy!

What are your favorite stories/objects to take photo of? What inspires you mostly?

I love the days when you know that today is gonna be a special day, not usual at all. During these days no matter what you shoot – the result will be cool!

Credits: lorazombie

You have a huge number of exhibitions and projects outside your native Russia. Have you met someone from Lomographic Community?

Nope. I have super tightly-concentrated way of work and “anti-hanging out” look at the world.

Being a painter and a person with full sense of artistic taste, do you like Lomography products in terms of design? Maybe you could pick some?

In terms of visualization I can pick the Diana Mini “Love is in the air” edition. But in the whole almost every lomo-camara is unique and beautiful. My first lomo-camera was Diana Mini “Love Letters,” which I bought JUST because of its unbelievably attractive design.

If there were an opportunity to make doubles with Hewlett or Banksy, what do you think it would look like?

It will be something like “The porn-schoolgirl’s dreams came true.”

Blitz-questions: We name 5 things and you tell us what Lora Zombie is, okay?

If you were a fruit, what would it be?

If you were a color, what would it be?

If you were a beast, what would you be?

If you were a dish, what would you be?

If you were a city?
Any city of Iceland!

And at last. Would you wish something to our Community members?

I wish each of you to meet a unicorn!

Credits: lorazombie

To learn more about Lora Zombie and her artwork, please visit her website and LomoHome.

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