Emotions in Politics and Campaigning - Submit Your Images and Win a Trip to Vienna with Lomography and EAPC


Provoke an emotion and win a trip to the 15th EAPC Conference in early May! We present 4 expressive competitions with the chance to catch a trip to Vienna!

The European Association of Political Consultants EAPC was founded in 1996 and is the premier professional association of Political Consultants and Public Affair Professionals in Europe. The EAPC is a platform for exchanging ideas between campaign professionals and is committed to supporting the development of democratic structures in Europe. At the annual meetings (EAPC Conference and Master Class), the latest trends and techniques in political campaigning are discussed, as well as the development of Democracy in Europe. This years conference will be held at the exquisite SAS Radisson Palais Hotel on Vienna’s Parkring, only minutes from the city center. Top notch speakers and conference delegates are to be expected at the EAPCs annual meeting in Vienna!

Win your Trip and Ticket for the 15th EAPC Conference in Vienna

You don’t have plans for May 7th and 8th yet? Well, what about visiting Vienna, joining the EAPC Conference and discussing how political campaigns emotionalize and mobilize using latest E-technologies? Lomography and the EAPC offer you the great opportunity to take part at the 15th EAPC Conference in Vienna. In short, there are five good reasons to register: the topic, the top notch speakers, the crowd, the city, and the hotel!

You surely have experienced that politics appeal to the emotions – now show off your feelings and send us your most surprising and fascinating captures of moving moments in these special “Emotions” Competitions:

Emotions-Fear Competition (1-7 march)

Emotions-Joy Competition (8-14 march)

Emotions-Shame Competition (15-21march)

Emotions-Enthusiasm Competition (22-28 march)

Winners of the single competitions will get 20 piggies each, ranks 2-10 will gain 10 piggies and each and every valid submitter will get 5 thank you pigsters and have a good chance to be considered the all over winner who will claim an incredible prize package:

  • free trip to the conference (including flight)
  • 1 night at the romantic 5 star SAS Radisson Hotel
  • Invitation to Saturday night Gala with Dinner
  • If this wasn’t enough the winning images also will be published in the context of the conference – website, conference book … All together this prize is worth far above 1000 Euro! Cash settlement inoperable!

The lucky overall winner will be announced at the first week of April! We hope that these great news provoked an emotion and you’re already capturing your tears of joy…Good Luck submitting!

15th EAPC Conference – Emotions in Politics and Campaigning

Emotions are crucial if campaigns want to successfully reach their target groups. What has been conventional wisdom in the campaign business has recently been neurosciences, social psychology, and linguistics. Don’t miss the EAPC meeting in May 2010 that brings it all together in an event shining light on the emotional side of politics and campaigning: Leading scholars explain the political brain, politicians describe their feelings during campaigning and in office, experts shine a light on the emotions in recent campaigns, and political consultants explain how they reach people’s hearts and minds. It’s a unique occasion to get inspired about a topic that will change the way you understand and run campaigns. Learn more about the conference:
Keynote Speakers:

  • George Lakoff, bestselling author and a renowned scholar in cognitive science, will explain the „Political Mind“
  • Drew Westen, renowned psychologist and neuroscientist, will explain the „Political Brain“
  • Erhard Busek, former vice chancellor of Austria, will talk about the „Soul of Europe“
  • Hans-Georg Häusel, Neuromarketing pioneer, gives insights into neuroscientific foundations of campaigning
  • Ted Brader, author of “Campaigning for Hearts and Minds”, will tell you how it works

The Mayor of Vienna and the President of the Austrian Parliament will receive the conference partipants in their historical Ringstrassen buildings. Learn more about the conference:

10% Off for Lomographers

You feel like you need to take part no matter if you win the competition or not? Register for the 15th annual EAPC Conference - Emotions in Politics and Campaigning

Enter voucher code eapcvie2010lomo when signing up for the conference and you´ll be granted a 10% Lomographer’s Discount on Full participation costs!

The 15th EAPC Conference is hosted by the European Association of Political Consultants , the premier professional association of Campaign and Public Affair Professionals in Europe and organized by the SORA Institute for Social Research and Analysis, one of Austria’s leading research and consultancy firms.

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    do i need to be emotional to take part? OMG!!!!

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  3. somapic
    somapic ·

    I mean you don´t necessarily need to start crying :D only the image should be emotional

  4. dirklancer
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    Hey! that's my precious little girl in the "Joy" picture! :D
    Hi Sweetie!

  5. cinzinc
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    cool event/competition! im filled with enthusiasm without any shame or fear, just joy!!! =)

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    i want this - mr and mrs panelomo needs to go to Vienna! i need to win this...

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    hahaha... my wife (she's da 'president' in our house) is featured in the magazine again!!!

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    Is this valid for people outside Europe?

  9. somapic
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    the competition is open for all Lomographers around the world! so now get emotional ;)

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