Taking Back Tipsters: Halloween Edition


Halloween is just around the corner so it’s time to charge your flash’s batteries and head on out to shoot the night! But before you go, check out these delightfully scary tipsters from the community first!

All Hallow’s Eve is just days away. Is your costume ready? Whether you’re helping your children go trick or treating or going with your friends to a sick Halloween party, the next few days are one of the most awaited and fun-filled pseudo holidays of the year. Don’t get caught with your camera down though, as plenty of things will be happening. Arm yourself with these Tipsters to make sure you always get the shot:

Moonpies by kylethefrench

No need to howl at the moon when you’re able to shoot these kinds of gorgeous photos affectionately called as “moonpies”.

Shooting Sparta in Spooky Lighting Techniques by maduz

You won’t need 300 burly men to have this kind of effect on your portraits. To get this look, car headlights go a long way!

Credits: adam_g2000

Spooky Lighting Techniques: Pitch Black and Uplighting. by adam_g2000

Who said that you need light for your camera? Well, you still need it, but just a little bit is required to get those otherwordly looking shots.

Credits: renenob

Spooky Lighting Techniques: Colorsplash of Horror! by renenob

To add a dash of horror to your photos, try making multiple exposures with your colorsplash flash! The superimposed floating heads work wonders.

Ghosts in my Pictures! by awfullysasha

If you want to step your game up, off-camera lighting will really take the scary levels of your photos up a notch or two. Experiment with flash ratios and you’ll be well on your way to getting ghosts in your photos!

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