Beautiful Photos of Nighttime Scenes Taken With the Diana F+


Places seem to undergo drastic changes come nightfall, when all the lovely city lights turn on to illuminate the surroundings.

Sometimes, there are places that may appear bland at daytime but look awesome at night. Night photography may be difficult to do at first, but once you get the hang of it, all your efforts will surely be worth it. Unless you’re deliberately aiming for streaky photos, taking night shots isn’t just a simple case of point and shoot. You have to tinker with your camera’s shutter speed so you’ll be able to take good photographs.

Credits: pikachumastah, jules_fxxk, jaywud, chant0m0, sugiyamasatomi, satomi, triky76, awesomesther, das-z & born-to-ruin

These photos were taken by some of our community members using their Diana F+ cameras. It makes taking snapshots at night easy since you only need to choose between two shutter speeds for either daytime/flash and indoor/nighttime photography! Aside from these, the Diana F+ also takes its signature dreamy shots, as well as long- and multiple-exposure photography. A truly nifty camera, you can also use it to take pinhole photos!

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