Justine Khamara’s ‘now I am radiant people’ and ‘Erysichthon’s Ball’ Series


We’ve seen photographs displayed inside frames, clipped to clotheslines, pinned on boards, stuck on walls, and other conventional means. Australian artist Justine Khamara has come up with another way of showcasing them by cropping the human heads off and sticking them together to form giant, spherical sculptures.

Photo by John Brash via Hi-Fructose

To create these, Khamara positioned the cutout portraits in geometric patterns on the balls made of resin, fiberglass, and wood. From afar it seems as if the photos are all of a man in one angle but on a closer look, one would realize that this isn’t the case:

Photos by John Brash via Hi-Fructose

Tu recepcja on Tumblr offers photos of Brash’s other works crafted in similar fashion:

Photos via Tu recepja

All information in this article were sourced from My Modern Met and Hi-Fructose. See more of Justine Khamara’s work on her website here.

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