More Insights from Online Magazines and Blogs About the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit


Curious about the first insights into Lomography’s newly-launched Experimental Lens Kit for the Micro Four Thirds system? Read on to check out what online magazines and blogs are saying about this fresh accessory!

A week after the introduction of the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit, we’ve been seeing some first impressions and insights popping up around cyberspace. First, we took a look at the qualified opinions of some gadget afficionados. Today, we have word from a number of online magazines and blogs:

The Phoblographer

“In keeping with all things quirky, Lomography is announcing today a couple of new lenses for Micro Four Thirds cameras… Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras have had a multiple exposure setting for a while built into them, but we’re intrigued as to how the kit works…. Even more quirky are the color filters that they’re adding which seemingly place a gel in the lens.”

The Verge

“Other companies such as Fujifilm have released cameras that recreate the effect in software, but the Lomography lenses actually have built-in mechanical shutters to produce multiple exposures optically.”


“The star feature of the kit is a mechanical shutter that takes multiple exposure shots—according to Lomography, it is ‘the first lens kit in the world which allows you to take real, optical multiple exposure snapshots using digital cameras.’ Each of these lenses also comes with a color filter slot and color gel filters that allow users to produce photographs that are soaked in rich, saturated hues.”

Stupid Dope

“Now digital camera lovers can get analog effects in multiple exposure photos, experiment with crazy color filters and get magical optical effects with a Fisheye lens for 160° shots, a wide-angle 12mm lens and a standard 24mm lens. With these effects and lenses, users can shoot real, optical multiple exposures, and extreme color saturation with included Color Gel Filters.”

Want to know more about Lomography’s newest lenses? Allow us to introduce you to the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit and show you how to equip these lenses onto your micro 4/3 camera!

Satisfy your hunger for creative snap-shooting with the == Lomography Experimental Lens Kit.== This lens pack is compatible with all Micro 4/3 digital cameras and comes with three lenses: standard 24mm, wide-angle 12mm and fisheye. This super creative lens kit will let you take wide-angle, fisheye, and multiple exposure shots, delight in exciting photographic effects and tint your images with color filters. View the Experimental Lens Kit Site or get yours in the Online Shop now!

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