The Fun Loving Characters From The Simpsons Recreate Some Iconic Photographs


Great laughs and good comedy were always basic elements of the long running animated show “The Simpsons.” The crazy mix of satire and humor along with the different quirks of the world’s most loved cartoon family will be in the memories of all those who follow the show. But don’t you know, photography has also been infected with the Simpsons syndrome!

The family of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie has always been there to give us the laughs we need. May it be the troublemaking schemes of Bart, the simple comedy and fun that Homer brings or Lisa’s intellectual banter, The Simpsons will always be the go-to show for your dose of good humor and sometimes political satire. But the beloved show also featured photography and some of the iconic shots in history in their episodes.

Photos via Buzz Feed

Compiled here are some of the iconic moments in film photography that The Simpsons lovingly recreated. Who wouldn’t go hooting over Bart’s foxy pose to mimic Betty Grable? His foxy demeanor in the photograph is just too familiar to pass up. The iconic Iwo Jima flag shot was also done by the boys from Springfield, giving a shout out to the battles waged in Japan.

The simple parodies or recreations done on the show lovingly portray photographic touches in the face of comedy and light treatment. Let’s tune in to see if more iconic photographs will have a cameo appearance in the future episodes of the family in their yellow skin tone glory.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Buzz Feed and Iconic Photos.

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