Marco Battaglini’s Pastiches Merge Classicist Figures with Images from Pop Culture

2013-10-25 1

Combining two opposing concepts never looked this good.

‘There Should be a Place for Us’ by Marco Battaglini. Photo via Saatchi Online

At first glance, Battaligni’s work looks like Renaissance paintings – until you notice the walls adorned with graffiti and the tattooed skin of the figures. According to Hi-Fructose, one Renaissance technique used by Battaglini was the illusory vanishing point where compositions “appear structurally-sound despite their incongruous subject matter.”

Here are some more examples of Battaglini’s work!

‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’
‘Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal’
‘Pienso, luego no me dejan existir’
’Si vis pacem, para bellum ’
‘Unhappy ending’

Battaglini is an Italian-born artist currently based in Costa Rica.

All information in this article were sourced from Hi-Fructose, while the photos were from Saatchi Online. View Marco Battaglini’s profile and portfolio on Saatchi Online here.

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