PYHOF: Enter the New World


Ever tried just closing your eyes and feeling the music seep into you? This week’s list of songs will surely get you feeling the tension and the deep ambience of classic battles. So put your headphones on right now and brace yourself for a new kind of listening experience.

We’ve featured a lot of songs and artists here on PYHOF. From guitar swishing rock heroes to the synth tinged music of alternative rock bands, the music trip still isn’t quite complete yet. This time around, we’ll bring you into a world that maybe you’ve read or heard about. Enter the world of the first expeditions and their contact with the new world.

Credits: ohlordy, lakandula & mafiosa

Brought to my attention by plasticpopsicle (a big thank you to her, by the way) this series of songs by E.S. Posthumus, Vangelis and John Williams and other artists just takes you on a voyage with your ears and imagination. It’s like being in the thick of battle between the early conquerors of the world and the natives. Ringing with classical music and a booming audio quality, this series packs quite a punch and a listening experience to boot. Musical scores are amazing but this mix of spikes and drops in music and the emotions they bring out are something else. Coming from entirely different movies and themes, these songs form a tightly cohesive theme when put together.

Try closing your eyes and just listen to the music. Emotions will set in and let your imagination take you into a world long gone. I listened to this series and it just made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I was in awe. It is both chilling and exciting to listen to. The delicate combination of the different instruments and the rhythm intertwine and separate into different phases to evoke different emotions and images. It’s just a musical ride on its own. Be ready to get the chills, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

From The Forest by James Horner
Prophecy by James Dooley
Civilizations Brought By Sea by James Horner
Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis
Black Gold by Armand Amar
Tikal by E.S. Posthumus
Statues by Alexandre Desplat
Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus
Poisoned Chalice by Hans Zimmer
Remembering Munich by John Williams
The Wheat by The Lyndhurst Orchestra
Sorrow by The Lyndhurst Orchestra
Cum Dederit: Vivaldi by Armand Amar
Xibalba by Clint Mansell
Dead Can Dance by The Host Of Seraphim

C O N Q U E S T from Marzimar on 8tracks Radio.

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