There's Nothing Like Cala Rajada


Cala Rajada! When we departed Germany, we did not expect a twelve-hour journey. Unnerved and done. But when we finally arrived, the stunning beauty of this small town charmed us. And it will charm everyone who goes there. The city lives. It lives with countless tourist shops, restaurants, kiosks, street art, and an incredible diverse landscape. See for yourself..

The journey started with the car to the airport, with Ryan Air over the Mediterranean to Palma, from where another three hours by bus was needed to finally go to Cala Rajada. In the baggage were the La Sardina, the LC-A+, a Porst compact reflex, and various rolls of film.

It’s beautiful. It is warm, but not too warm. The architecture impressed me. Everywhere are little works of art. I like it here.
The next morning, the first site we visited was: a Pub right on the beach. Wonderful!

Black cats are everywhere!

As we went through the city I saw a wide variety of graffiti, some good, some rather simple.

There is so much here! My absolute favorite is the Divebar “Sa Cova” because its pleasant music, the good cocktails, and the great food they have – connected with a stunning atmosphere!

Somehow we sagged there – how was this possible?!

Next day: “Mini-broccoli” on the promenade, an anchor sculpture, climbing rocks, and drinking cocktails in the bar. It’s nice, a bit cloudy but still sunny. Here you can really relax!

The sea is also great!

The next few days are still comparable but the lighthouse is really exciting

In Cala Rajada, everything the heart of a “short holiday-er” needs is available: relaxation, scenery, pampering, but also partying!

Some photos I really like

Like the bird we needed to fly back home someday. But we need extra time of nearly 5 hours, because Ryan Air again had technical problems.

Thanks for reading! Greetings from the Westerwald – MarlonMosh :)

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translated by marlonmosh

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