Talented young artist and photographer Senka Music lends soul to her photographs


For one to be successful as a photographer, he or she must be passionate about his craft. You can acquire as many cameras and as much film as you desire, but whatever gear you use, without a certain degree of devotion, no amount can of technical expertise can ever lend soul to your photographs.

Photo by Senka Music

That’s the thing with Senka Music. The Bosnia and Herzegovina-based graphic design and photography student of Sarajevo’s Academy of Fine Arts lends soul to her photographs. She is evidently passionate about the art, and her passion manifests in her work. She captures raw emotion through her portraits, and arrests the essence of places and objects she takes pictures of. Catching these inanimate elements is a skill not all are blessed with, but she Senka seems to have mastered it.

Senka Music is a promising, young photographer who experiments digitally but also advocates the use of film through her work. She exhibits her talent in both color and black and white. There is a vintage-y feel to her photographs, and this trait appears to be part of her personal style.

Regardless of what medium she uses, Senka Music is definitely one gifted artist. Having won the Best Photo of Sarajevo award in April 2012 is testament to her exceptional talent. It’s no joke to have your photo selected from a horde of 4,000 other images, and win the title.

Feast your eyes on some more photos from Senka’s portfolio.

Photos by Senka Music

Information for this article was sourced from Artboom, Smashing Picture and Cargo Collective

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