Jeansman Tests The Diana+ Glass Lens

2013-10-30 3

Just how fantastic is the Diana+ Glass Lens? The proof is in the pictures. We spoke to Leansman Lee (aka Jeansman) about his premium lens experience. Take a look!

Tell us about your experience with the Diana+ Glass Lens. How do you like it so far?
This lens is impressive. When I use this lens, I almost forget that I have the glass lens instead of the original one. The experience is the same, I use the Diana F+ like I normally would, but I get super nice photos. This lens is amazing, I can’t believe my photos were shot by the Diana F+ Camera.

How is shooting with the Diana+ Glass Lens different to the Diana’s standard lens?
This lens is super sharp and has a nice image resolution. I asked my friends to guess what kind of camera was used to take these photos and they all guessed TLRs. Maybe the big difference is that the Diana F+ is no longer a plastic camera – it’s a premium camera with this Glass Lens!

Can you please share your favorite photo taken with the Diana+ Glass Lens? What makes it your favorite shot?

This photo was a beautiful mistake, because I thought I already moved forward to take the next photo. It resulted in this double exposure. It’s totally unexpected. That’s the reason why I love it.

Any tips for Lomographers who plan to start on a Glass-eyed adventure?
Try to get close to your subject! You will see how amazing this lens is.

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    great shots! Now I really really want the lens!

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    saliminternationalekhan ·

    Awesome photos

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