Everyday Life in Big Cities Documented by Nguan


When we speak of living in the big cities, it’s easy to envision the sometimes chaotic hustle and bustle that come with it. Singaporean photographer Nguan gives us an interesting glimpse at how life in mega metropolises like Tokyo, Singapore, and Los Angeles can be both calm and turbulent through his photo series.

For many street snappers, the so-called concrete jungle is teeming with life, emotions, and stories just waiting to be immortalized in photographs. The busier the city, the better one’s chances are to score some interesting shots. As mega metropolises around the world get busier and more convoluted, street photographers find themselves surrounded by scenes that could easily leave them dazed, cameras raised to their eyes but not quite sure where to point and shoot.

Los Angeles

Singaporean photographer Nguan, however, seems to have found just the right moments to photograph around big cities like his hometown, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. For his photo series entitled Singapore, Shibuya, and City of Dreams, Nguan shows moments of quiet, solitude, and respite amidst the activity, restlessness, and chaos typically associated with major metropolises.

As for his preference to work almost exclusively with film, Nguan tells online magazine Poskod in an interview:

“One of photography’s functions is to help us remember what may not exist tomorrow. When you photograph with a film camera, you’re capturing heat in the form of light onto the emulsion. So when you hold a negative or slide made in the presence of your Mom, or your dog, or Marilyn Monroe, or a crowd of strangers, you have in your hands something that had been irrevocably transformed by the warmth of their living, breathing bodies. That piece of film is tangible evidence of their lives.”

Visit Nguan’s website, blog, and Tumblr to find out more about him and see more of his works.

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