Multiple Exposure Snapshots Taken with the La Sardina

2013-10-24 4

Although they’re basically a random hodgepodge of shots slapped together in one photo, multiple exposure photographs do exude a certain beauty of their own. Don’t you agree?

When it comes to shooting with film, half the fun is receiving your newly-developed photos and finally finding out how they turned out. But why don’t you make things more exciting by experimenting with the rewind dial on your film camera?

Credits: hxloon, artlens, grindhousegirl, kribamil, lianakymcyn, iamalec & saaaliii

The photos in this gallery were taken by our creative community members using the *La Sardina*. The La Sardina boasts of features like a wide angle lens, a bulb setting, and a film cartridge window so you can easily see which film you’re using. It also has a rewind dial and MX switch, so it’s perfect for those doubles and multiple exposure shots! Make sure to use it for one-of-a-kind, super cool photographs like these! Go crazy and have fun with your La Sardina!

Get ready to sail the high seas with our new La Sardina collection! These 35mm cameras are equipped with spectacular wide-angle lens, multiple exposure capabilities, and a rewind dial—everything you need for fun-filled and thrill-soaked escapades. Get your own La Sardina camera now!

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  1. chooolss
    chooolss ·

    Impressive shots @hxloon @artlens @grindhousegirl @kribamil @benwithpen @lianakymcyn @iamalec @saaaliii ! Thank you for sharing them with us! :)

  2. hxloon
    hxloon ·

    Wow! Thank you so much @chooolss for choosing my picture, this I believe is the second time my photo been featured in an article. Cheers!!! :-)

  3. chooolss
    chooolss ·

    @hxloon no problem! It's always a pleasure to showcase the awesome photographs taken by you guys! many thanks again! :)

  4. saaaliii
    saaaliii ·

    omg thank you so much for using my photos :) so honoured to be part of your article!

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