Frozen in Time: Photographs Taken with the Help of Doc Edgerton’s Electronic Stroboscope

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Photography has been a popular subject for innovations. From the first ever created camera to the different emulsions used in film, there is always something new to bring to the table when it’s about photography. Harold “Doc” Edgerton brought probably one of the greatest developments to the application of photography –his electronic stroboscope.

Using quick flashes of light to seemingly freeze motion and capture it on film, the electronic stroboscope is a technological wonder in photography. Hardold “Doc” Edgerton’s innovation of the stroboscope helped people see what is otherwise too fast for the naked eye. Mr. Edgerton’s photographs like the drop of milk forming into the look of a crown and the speeding bullet hitting different objects are few of his well-known works.

Photos via Edgerton Digital Collections

The images produced using the electronic stroboscope were not only amazing but are also a breakthrough in photography. The fast and fluid motion of everyday life is displayed in overlapping exposures, somehow depicting the world in graceful and fluid way. While other photographs like the bullet passing through an apple depict the explosiveness in a controlled way.

Doc Edgerton indeed brought us an innovation worth trying out in our photography experiments. His electronic stroboscope is one of the many innovations in photography that help us picture the world in ways more than we usually do.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Shooting Film and Wikipedia and Edgerton Digital Collections.

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    Hey, I have the first photo at my 90s photo magazine. it's a milk right?

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