What Gadget Sites are Saying About the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit


Only a week after its launch, the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit has created a buzz in cyberspace, with quite a number of sites summing up their qualified opinions regarding this fresh innovation.

The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit was designed for Micro 4/3 cameras, and it is only fitting that gizmo aficionados have their say. Here are some excerpts from some a few of your favorite gadget-friendly websites.


The three-lens kit includes a fisheye for creating wonky, 160-degree point-of-view shots, a wide-angle 12mm lens, as well as a 24mm lens. Probably the coolest feature on the optics is a mechanical shutter on the lenses themselves that lets you create real, optical multiple exposures with your digital camera. Just set your micro four thirds shooter’s shutter speed to something long—the new Olympus EM-1 goes up to 60 seconds—and then open and close the mechanical shutter. The results are super fun.


If you’re after a little more creativity in your Micro Four Thirds shooting sessions,Lomography is looking to oblige with a trio of lenses aimed at just that. The outfit’s Experimental Lens Kit offers three options for image capture: 160-degree fisheye, 12mm wide-angle and standard 24mm glass. Touting a “world’s first,” the units boast the ability to take multiple optical exposures with a digital camera. They also allow for the use of color inserts for added effect.


The lens kit includes a 24mm standard lens, a 12mm f/8.0 wide-angle lens, and a fisheye lens with an aperture of f/8.0 as well. Each lens will come with a built-in shutter speed of 1/100sec and Bulb which will allow for multiple exposures, and a T-mode that will hold the shutter open for a normal live view. For those who wish to experiment with colors and effects further, each lens will have a slot that will accommodate color gel filters. The entire lens kits will set you back 79 GBP, although we suspect that this lens kit will probably not be for everyone, but could be worth checking out if you wish to try a bit of experimental photography.

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The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit is compatible with all Micro 4/3 Digital cameras and has been design by the company to provide users with “creative freedom”.

The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit includes three lenses in the form of a fisheye lens for fantastic 160 degree shots, a wide-angle 12mm lens and standard 24mm lens. Watch the video below to learn more about the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit as see how it might help your creativity develop even further.


Lomography is bringing a fun new three-lens kit for the Micro Four Thirds system. The Experimental Lens Kit is the first of its kind for digital cameras which features a 12mm Wide-Angle, 24mm Standard, and a Fish-Eye lens. All lenses feature built-in mechanical N/B shutters for long and multiple-exposures and a filter slot in each lens.

Want to know more about Lomography’s newest lenses? Allow us to introduce you to the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit and show you how to equip these lenses onto your micro 4/3 camera!

Satisfy your hunger for creative snap-shooting with the == Lomography Experimental Lens Kit.== This lens pack is compatible with all Micro 4/3 digital cameras and comes with three lenses: standard 24mm, wide-angle 12mm and fisheye. This super creative lens kit will let you take wide-angle, fisheye, and multiple exposure shots, delight in exciting photographic effects and tint your images with color filters. View the Experimental Lens Kit Site or get yours in the Online Shop now!

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