Beautiful Double Exposures by Thomas van der Zaag


We lomographers and film photographers are no strangers to the wonders of doubles and multiple exposures, and the photos of a Toronto-based photographer can certainly attest to that. Read on to take a look at some fun and clever double exposures in glorious analogue by Thomas van der Zaag after the jump!

Overlapping frames, unintentional or otherwise, often bring us surprising results that are part of the joys of shooting with film. So, it’s always a delight to find impressive and mind-blowing doubles and multiple exposure by our very own lomographers and fellow photographers. While achieving awe-inspiring doubles and multiple exposures is nothing short of challenging, Toronto-based photographer Thomas van der Zaag seems to have mastered the art of overlapping frames using his Yashica FX-3. Complementing colors and textures merged into a single snap? Check. Impressive control of exposures? Check. Strategic and clever placements of subjects in the frames? Check, check. check.

I don’t know about you, but looking at his works definitely inspired me to try some double/multiple exposure experiments with my film SLR cameras!

Visit Thomas van der Zaag's Flickr Photostream to see more of his impressive film photos!

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