Otherworldly Tintype Landscapes by Rashod Taylor


When he’s not doing commercial portraiture and fashion photography work, Rashod Taylor tinkers around with tintypes and the wet plate collodion process. While typically used for alternative portrait photography, the Illinois-based portrait and fashion photographer has also taken some beautiful landscape photos with this old yet still impressive photographic process.

Wet plate collodion may be an archaic photographic process, but there’s no stopping artists and creative minds of the present to tinker around with it. Illinois-based portrait and fashion photographer Rashod Taylor is one of them, taking impressive and soulful portrait tintypes when he’s not doing commercial photography work. Aside from one-of-a-kind portraits, Taylor has also taken a handful of monochrome landscape snaps that seem to have been taken from dreamworlds. Take a look:

Understandably, working with such an old process will be a totally different experience for anyone used to today’s modern techniques, but Taylor says he has learned to live and shoot with the challenges that come with it. “Though the overall experience can be inconvenient and cumbersome, the results are second to none. With time I have embraced both possibilities and limitations associated with the wet plate collodion process,” he told Escape Into Life.

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Visit "Rashod Taylor’s Website, Tumblr, and Facebook to see more of his works.

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