Midweek Music Video: Dear Someone by Walker Lukens


What do you get when you combine indie pop, a love affair and Polaroid instants? Well, you get a music video all shot in stop motion that will make you just want to whip out your instant camera and try it for yourself!

You can try this one at home but will probably dent your monthly budget. Walker Lukens’ video for ”Dear Someone” is an ode to instant photography with hundreds of Polaroid snaps in a stop-motion video. The trip around the city of New York through a miniature world was captured by Walker Lukens and director Tetsuo Kamata is fun as the tune is catchy.

Photos via Vimeo and Mashable

All shot using a Polaroid camera, the production may look quite simple but is really detailed and extensive when it comes to editing and types of shots used. Shot almost well below the regular line of sight, the video for “Dear Someone” is like writing a love letter in music and instant film. The fun concept of the video is as quirky as the subjects themselves – starting from the star crossed lovers losing themselves in their pursuit of each other and the lion statuette chasing them for a meal.

The light treatment of the music video is proof that with the right mix of creativity, inspiration and analogue photography is good enough combination.

Video via YouTube

All information used in this article were sourced from Mashable and Walker Lukens' site.

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