Double Exposure Portraits by Levinta Eugeniu


Chisinau, Moldova-native fine art and portrait film photographer Levinta Eugeniu takes a wide range of photographs of people, landscape, and other random snapshots, among others. But in this feature, we’ll look at some of his beautiful, double exposure portraits.

Photo by Levinta Eugeniu

Now based in Seattle, Eugeniu was self-taught, and began his work in film photography back in April 2011 “when i sold all my digital equipment after 11 weeks of use and decide to move forward to big and bulky manual cameras loaded with film,” he wrote on his Flickr profile. Eugeniu was shortlisted in the Google Photography Prize.

Photos by Levinta Eugeniu

In his arsenal are 6×9, 6×4, medium format, and 35mm cameras, as well as an assortment of film including Neopans, Ektachrome, TriX, and other “unknown expired film.” On his website, Eugeniu said that that film “is a very special choice for me,” and sees it as a game in a casino [where] you can win big or lose it all.”

All information in this article were sourced from Levinta Eugen’s website, while photos were from his Flickr photostream. Visit these websites to see more of his work!

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