Deep Rooted Woodlands: A Series of Photographs by Missy Prince


The journey to discovering photography starts differently from one person to another. For Portland transplant, Missy Prince, it was an encounter with nature that started it all. See more of her prints focused on nature after the jump.

Missy Prince grew up familiarizing herself with the heavy foliage of her green roots in Portland, Oregon. The stark grey skies and the strong influence of nature is quite evident in her photographs that created a whole new playground for self expression. Her love for photography stemmed from the excitement of the first few rolls that really mattered to her.

Her natural approach to her photographs is like a documentation of everything in the immediate vicinity. These are all familiar places for Prince and she made sure she intertwined her subjects and different interests into her prints. Although she didn’t really hit it off with photography at first, experimentations with different cameras and instant film made her appreciate the process of photography and film itself.

Photos by Missy Prince via Flickr

Missy Prince spends time in a darkroom to develop her prints and recounts that it is a feeling that is most welcome after the daily grind. Although Prince does not really shoot commercially, she is looking forward to shoot more on the open road, camera and film rolls in hand.

You can view more of her works on her website, Flickr and Tumblr.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from American Photo Mag and LPV Magazine Missy Prince's Flickr Photostream, Sea of Empties.

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