The Love of Memories in Film Never Dies: A Camera Collector and The Cameras Close to His Heart


We’ve met a lot of camera collectors in the community and all share a common thing: the fascination with film cameras. Sweden based collector Ivan Vanwijnsberghe’s camera stash is something to gawk at – with his wide collection of 190+ cameras and counting! See more of his prized Polaroid and other box type camera collections after the jump.

It’s a known fact here in Lomography that the love for analogue never dies, not even with cameras that are iconic and old enough to be museum pieces. Ivan Vanwijnsberghe started his collection by jumping from one flea market to another in hopes to rekindle his childhood love for his Kodak Brownie camera and the wonderful effects of memories on film.

The camera collector and his favorite, the Polariod model 95 via Film's Not Dead

Ivan is a self-confessed camera lover although he doesn’t really shoot his old cameras. He just likes having them around the house, well, who wouldn’t? His camera collection elicits an old school fascination with neat pickings of great camera finds and it still continues today. Ivan said in an interview with Film’s Not Dead that he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to keep the story of film cameras alive when he got the news that Polaroid would stop manufacturing its beloved instant film cameras due to the rising popularity of digital photography.

Ivan’s camera collection via Film's Not Dead

Starting off as an antique watch collector, Ivan noticed that his hobby was getting quite expensive and shifted his attention to collecting vintage Polaroids as well as other box type cameras that rang with pure nostalgia of shooting his teenage memories with film. He remembers his childhood in the cameras he now owns and feels like he couldn’t part with those memories even in the digital age. His 5 years in collecting cameras is a thing of wonder as it is an image of pure love of memories through film photography.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Film’s Not Dead.

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